Sera Helsinki

Valli, White + White - Hand Knotted Wool Rug


The Valli characterized by its raised asymmetrical grid pattern design in pure white natural sheep wool.   The edges are staggered creating a dynamic and more harmonious feeling found in nature and waves.  Valli is part of the Saaristo Collection which is Finnish for 'archipelago', born from a love of the sea.  Anna Pirkola, the designer, was influenced by the movement of the ocean which is always different, just as every rug is unique due to its hand made nature.  Anna Pirkola, is a Helsinki based stylist and product designer.

  • Size: 6' x 9' with fringe
  • Measures: 6' x 8' not including fringe
  • Composed of two heights: Base - 3/4"h, Pattern - 1"h, available in three colour options
  • Design by Anna Pirkola
  • All knotted rugs are 100% pure natural wool with natural lanolin which repel stains and dirt
  • Each rug is hand made to order, lead-time is 10-14 weeks

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