EM77 Vacuum jug 1 l. Soft Deep Ocean


The EM77 vacuum jug in steel with the unique rocker stopper was created by the Danish designer Erik Magnussen and it is a design icon around the world. The jug holds 1 litre and can be used for coffee and tea. The insulating glass insert keeps the liquid hot for hours - or cold, if the jug is used for e.g. ice tea. The rocker stopper has a screw cap for picnics and transportation of liquids.

Product Details:

  • Design: Erik Magnussen | Design Family: Classic
  • Lid/handle: black plastic, base: ABS plastic
  • Glass vacuum liner
  • Comes with 2 lids: a patented rocker stopper (pourable) and a screw cap for excursions
  • Replaceable parts available
  • Instructions and care PDF
  • 1 L capacity
  • Measurements: 5.5" Ø  x 12" H
  • Maintenance: Clean the jug by rinsing the inside with tempered water without soap or similar. Never use bottle brush or other hard objects in the glass insert, as the glass wall is thin and can easily be damaged. Wipe with a soft cloth or tea towel.

*Limited qtys available, discontinued

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