Wave cheese plane


A cheese slicer that is extremely elegant in its simplicity, and where form and functionality merge in perfect balance. Designer Martin Rosquist has played with Stelton’s design DNA, Cylinda-line, and used the basic cylindrical shape as the starting point for his design process. The shape was created based on a desire to reduce friction between the cheese and the slicer as much as possible, as this creates the best-looking cheese slices. This can be achieved by placing the blade as far out on the cheese slicer as possible. The integrated handle and slicer cut through the cheese in one smooth, undulating motion. Nothing is superfluous and nothing has been left to chance in the design. This is likely to be the reason why, soon after its first launch in 1997, the Wave cheese slicer was included as part of the collection in MoMA’s design shop in New York. The cheese slicer is ideal for both soft and hard cheeses.

  • Design: Martin Fredrik Rosquist, 1997 | Design Family: Classic
  • Stainless steel 18/10
  • Cuts thin slices of soft and firm cheese perfectly
  • Dimensions: 3.75" L x 2.87" W x 0.393" H

Art: 551 (Colli: 2)

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