In stock Items will generally ship within 3-5 business days.

Out of Stock and backorder items for Stelton, Rig Tig will generally ship in approximately 3 weeks of placing your order. You will be charged the lowest price rate available by standard package carriers, UPS, FEDex, Can Par, DHL.


When you create an order and proceed to checkout, update your shipping information and submit your draft order to Studio Nordhaven for review.  

Do not pay at checkout at this stage.  You will receive a final invoice with your actual shipping charge  Please note that shipping estimates calculated during the checkout process do not apply. 

Stelton and  Rig Tig products orders received with back order/ out of stock items will be invoiced  for those items at the time of the order. Replenishment of inventory for out of stock items generally re-stock within approximately 3 weeks of placing your order.

101 Copenhagen, Sera Helsinki and Gejst products orders received with back order/ out of stock items will be invoiced for those items at the time of the order. Replenishment of inventory for out of stock items generally re-stock within 8-10 weeks of placing your order.

As a wholesale/retailer the discount on products will receive a discount off MSRP for orders that reach a minimum cart total of $500 or greater.  Pack size minimums may apply and be adjusted as required.  The colli number contained in product descriptions represent minimum pack size quantities.  Orders will be adjusted to reflect minimum pack sizes per product.


Studio Nordhaven does not offer net payment terms.  Orders must be paid prior to shipping via payment options provided.  Studio Nordhaven accepts major credit cards and payment by wire. Please inquire @ for wire payment details.

When you place an order on the wholesale site, your order will be considered a draft order.  Payment will not be required until an invoice has been sent to you. 

If you require modifications to your order, please contact Studio Nordhaven for adjustments prior to the payment of your order.  Once an order has been paid, it is considered final, no returns, or refunds allowed, unless for warranty claims.

Studio Nordhaven reserves the right to refuse, cancel or to amend any order received at its own discretion and will refund any amounts owing on orders that it cannot/will not fulfill.

Policies may vary by brand and may change from time to time and can be found within our Terms & Conditions section here.

Prices:  Prices published at are the official and most updated price for each product and brand. In the event of a dispute the price quoted online will take precedence.  Prices can vary at any time. Prices on Draft Orders will be valid for 30 days.

Electronic price sheets available by request and are updated once per year and when new products are released. 

We encourage our retail partners to selectively curate their own online stores with products available from our wholesale program and to stock inventory in order to meet your store's fulfilment needs & requirements and to only add products to your store that you intend to stock and have readily available to ship.  

Studio Nordhaven does offer Drop shipping programs for qualified retailers based on specific criteria, product selection, annual volumes and terms. Discounts will vary.  Inquire for additional information.

THIRD-PARTY ONLINE  RESELLING OF PRODUCTS PURCHASED FROM STUDIO NORDHAVEN and ITS BRANDS IS NOT PERMITTED.  Products purchased by Wholesale/trade customers cannot be resold or marketed on THIRD PARTY ONLINE STORES/WEBSHOPS.  Each wholesale customer/reseller must register their proprietary online shop with Studio Nordhaven and cannot add additional selling platforms without expressly written permission by Studio Nordhaven.  Any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of any pre-existing reseller agreements in place without reservation at the sole discretion of Studio Nordhaven.