RETELL pinboard - black brass


Retell is a collaboration with the famous Danish architect house C.F Møller.  Architectural, minimalist and functional design in a circular design.  It is useful as a cool pin-board to save good memories, notes etc. on, as well as it serves as a sound absorbing object for for example office environments. 

Product Details:

  • Design: C.F. Møller architects
  • Material: Powder coated steel frame, felt surface
  • Finish: charcoal black / brass
  • Decorative and functional pin board for offices or kids rooms
  • Functions on wall to help absorb sound
  • Display art, notes, photographs and keepsakes 
  • Pairs well with the Momentt Clock
  • Measurements: 31" Ø x 5/8" D

10224 (2 pc.)

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