Material & Finish

Inspired by the Brutalism Architecture movement of the mid-20th Century, fibre concrete has become the signature material of the 101 Copenhagen furniture collection.  Cast in lightweight fibre concrete, each product will have unique tactile surfaces with small inconsistencies and nuances.  The surface is coated to create a strong and resistant finish.  A hand painted mottled finish is creates a unique and textured surface, making each piece different.

Finish options: Coffee (blackish-brown), Sand (beige), or Bone White (soft ivory-cream)


Care Guide

GENERAL CARE:  Use a soft damp cloth to wipe furniture piece, dry thoroughly with cloth.  Do not use household cleaning products on the surface,  It is recommended to have at least 2-3 people to handle the product to prevent damage on installation.  It is advised to use protective feet or padding on objects placed on the surfaces, and avoid contact with sharp objects.  The product cannot withstand extreme high temperatures and direct sunlight for several months.  High humidity levels can cause the product to absorb moisture and cause damage or weakness in the product.  Extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause expansion and contraction of the product.  Do not use the product if it becomes damages or cracked.
TOUCH-UP KIT:   Intended for small marks or scratchers.  Please shake the paint before use.  Apply a thin layer using a brush or soft cloth.  Only use in damaged areas.  A touch up may or may not be included with your furniture piece.  If you require one, please contact us with your name and order number at: