DAIKU Frame - Large, Oak


Daiku picture frames by Gejst capture the essence of Japanese carpentry and woodworking.  Inspired by centuries-old Japanese techniques such as Kumiko and Sashimono, the frames appear as if they are assembled entirely without the use of nails.  Made from beautifully crafted oak wood and featuring floating glass pieces, the frames radiate Nordic minimalism and elegance.  Each frame consists of four carefully selected oak wood parts holding onto two clear glass pieces, creating the impression that the art is suspended between the four pieces of oak wood. The glass pieces are larger than the wooden frame, so the frame cuts into the glass, allowing for various expressions depending on what is placed in the frame.

  • Design: Gejst Design
  • Material: Oak & Glass
  • Care: wipe with damp cloth, dry thoroughly with soft cloth, use glass cleaner on glass only
  • Measurements: 21.25" W x 1.378" D x 30.70" H
  • Measurements glass: 19.685" W x 27.55" H
  • Measurements inside wooden frame: 15.275" W x 21.57" H

Art. 10511

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