NIVO rail, white


With the addition of Nivo rail and Nivo hook, Gejst completes and rounds off the Nivo collection. The elements expand the functionality of the classic Nivo shelf and turn the design object into a practical helper in your everyday life. Nivo rail and Nivo hook are perfect for displaying beautiful tea towels and pots in the kitchen, organizing bathroom accessories, or keeping essential everyday objects within easy reach.  Nivo rail and Nivo hooks (set of 3) are available in either black or white and are sold separately.  Nivo rail comes in one size that matches the Nivo shelf small variants: A, B, E, G and H.

Nivo rail is easy to attach and slides effortlessly across the Nivo shelf to be placed exactly where it is needed - close to the edge or further in, closer to the wall. The addition of the small Nivo hooks opens a wide range of styling options. For example, you can use the Nivo shelf with the rail and hook in your hallway to hold colourful scarves or in the living room to display beautiful ceramics and the family's favourite mugs. 

  • Design: Böttcher & Kayser, 2017
  • Material: steel, matte white
  • Compatible with Nivo Small Shelf: A, B, E, G and H
  • Add on hooks 3pc also available in black or white
  • Weight limit: 2 kg per shelf rail
  • Dimensions: 25.5" W x 1.377" H, Thickness 0.12" Ø

20181 (6 pc)

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