Thick plush luxurious textured rugs


Knotted rugs are thick and luxurious. To produce one six square meter knotted rug takes about one month from a team of five persons. One square meter of knotted rug weights about 5 kilograms. The rugs are made by using a traditional Ethiopian technique.

A team of skilled weavers ties every single knot individually to create high-end designs that combine Scandinavian design with Ethiopian craftsmanship traditions. Each of our hand-knotted rugs is unique, individually crafted from order, and handmade by skilled artisans in Ethiopia. Our rugs are designed for inclusion and crafted with precision and care.

The making of a knotted rug begins by stretching cotton warps on the loom, running up and down. The wool thread is taken through the warps one by one by hand. The warps lie vertically on the loom, and the thread is tied around two cotton warps and cut by hand. One square meter weighs around five kilograms. The thread is bitten tightly using a tool called a bitter. Every single thread is tied around the warp and cut by hand. The knot is first shortened with a blade, and after the whole row of knots is done with scissors. After cutting and tying the warps, the rug is brushed. In the end, the threads are evened using scissors, and the rug is steamed to cleanse any impurities.
Every knotted rug is a result of months of teamwork. If one person is sighted, she can lead those that might be visually impaired. It takes one month for a team of five people to produce a knotted rug of 6 m².  The knotting process is a unique technique in which thousands of knots are inserted and individually tied to a base or rug foundation.