Flat thinner profile rugs

Woven rugs are produced by horizontal looms. The woollen thread crosses the 100% pure cotton warps. One square meter weight about 2 kilograms and the woven rugs are thinner than knotted rugs. To produce one six square meter woven rug takes about two weeks from a team of two persons.

The wool thread is taken through the cotton warps by hand, line by line. The wool thread is bitten tightly using a bitter made of steel.

In the end, the fringes are evened using scissors, and the rug is steamed to cleanse any impurities. It takes a week for a team of two people to produce a woven rug of 6 m². A woven rug of 6 m² is made of six kilograms of wool weave and six kilograms of cotton warp. ​