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101 Copenhagen

Offset Vase, Big - Dark Grey


101 Copenhagen - Offset Vase, Big - Dark Grey

Offset is designed as a distortion of a classic vase shape. The vase drastically changes appearance, when viewed from specific angles. From one side it imitates the picture of a traditional vase, and from the other it becomes a sculptural object. Offset is made from fibre concrete and comes in two sizes.

Hand glazed natural product therefore the colours may variate.  Not waterproof safe.

Designed by: Nicolaj Nøddesbo & Tommy Hyldahl 

Colour: Dark grey 

Material: Fiber concrete

Dimension  23.6 L  15.75 W  18.9 H

NOTE: Due to size, this shipment can only be sent to select regions in North America, please contact us for more information at,