DAWN wall lamp


The award-winning DAWN wall lamp is designed to be placed centered above a double bed, sofa or where reading light is required on two sides. One lamp instead of two lamps on each side of the bed or sofa.

With the eye-catching geometric shape, DAWN is a center piece in any setting. The simple shape holds an element of surprise, when unfold by the user – transforming the strict circle into a dynamic curved shape.

DAWN has two sources of light that can be switched on and off separately. When opening the lamp shade the direction and amount of light is determined. There is a built-in dimmer switch whereby the strength of the light can be adjusted to the preferred reading light.

The flexible lampshade is made of beautiful structured Japanese PVC coated washi paper with light-tight plastic foil on the back. The oak beam creates friction against the lampshade and holds it in place in various positions.

DAWN is the winner of the Light category in the Danish TV show Denmark’s Next Classic 2022. Furthermore DAWN is the winner of the Scandinavian Design Award 2023 in the Light category.

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