INVI Modular Shelf


With its modular design, INVI adapts effortlessly to various environments, offering endless possibilities for customization.  INVI consists of two modules, where Module 1 always forms the base on the floor, while Module 2 is used to build in height. Whether as a bookcase in the living room, a sideboard in an entrance hall, or a dividing element in open spaces, INVI enhances the aesthetic appeal of any setting. Its many combination options allow for unique configurations, building it up tall as a bookcase or allowing it to stand alone as a console table.

  • Design: Yonoh Creative Studio, 2023
  • Material: Solid oak legs/posts & oak veneer shelves
  • Finish: Black stained oak, satin finish
  • Care: Use a soft dry cloth to clean product. Do not use household cleaners.
  • Assembly is required, hardware & instructions are included
  • Max load per shelf 10 kilograms
  • Module 1 base model, can add onto height with Module 2
  • Measurements: Module 1 - 39.685" L  x 12.125" W x 19.5275"H
  • Measurements: Module 2 - 39.685" L  x 12.125" W x 14.2125" H
  • Measurements: Module 1 + 2 - 39.685" L x 12.125" W x 33.74" H

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