MOOMIN DRINK-IT drinking bottle - black/friends


The Swedish-speaking author and artist Tove Jansson became famous worldwide as the creator of the Moomin stories, which are about a family of adventurous trolls that live in Moomin Valley with their friends. The motifs on the light blue COOL-IT water bottle come from the story of ”The Moomin-troll and the Magic Hat”. One early morning, after a violent storm, the Moomin-troll and his friends go for a walk through the Moomin Valley in search of things that the storm has brought into the valley. The Moomin-troll finds a large black hat and takes it home, though Snufkin warns him. Strange things start to happen. Read the whole story in ”The road to Moomin Valley - and other stories by Tove Jansson”

COOL-IT is a lovely, practical carafe for all your beverages. Keep a carafe of water or fruit juice in the fridge so you’ll always have chilled drinks on hand.  The carafe, designed by Francis Cayouette, sports smart open-and-close detailing – just flip the ball down for pouring, and then up again to seal the carafe.

Art. Z00703-7  (Colli 4)

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